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If your main concern with your skin is pigmentation. Those pesky little sun spots, age spots, brown spots whatever you'd like to call them bother you most - Photo Rejuv is going to be your new BFF!


Sun damage is REAL and needs to be taken seriously - unfortunately for most people when you were growing up you didn't take getting sun burnt or tanning with coconut oil all over you as seriously as you should have, or you didn't have the education that we have today. Thats okay, thats what MGSC is here to do, help you understand what happens to your skin, how we can fix it and most importantly how to prevent it from happening again. 

What is pigmentation? 
There is two different umbrellas of pigmentation - passive and inflammatory. They both show as pigment on the skin but how they are there are treated is two different stories. 
Photo rejuv can only remove inflammatory pigment - which is pigment cause by environmental factors, such as the sun. 

How does the sun damage our skin? 
The sun has UV rays, UVA and UVB. When these rays attack our skin our melanocytes (pigment creating cells) don't like it so they begin to defend themselves. They defend themselves by sending what we like to call little soldiers called melanin. When the UV rays reach the skin, the melanin soldiers absorb the UV to protect our cells from damage. 

What is melanin?

Melanin is present in our skin, hair and eyes - is it colour. When is absorbs UV rays, it goes darker which is what we see on our skin and often call sun spots, age spots, dark posts - thats pigmentation which is melanin! 

How does rejuv work?
The laser machine pluses and pushes energy and light into our skin - this light and energy has an attraction to pigment (perfect). When the light and energy reaches the pigment, the pigment will absorb it, heat up and then "shatter". Our skin naturally exfoliates, or turns over cells monthly so as our cells turn over it pushes the shattered pigment up-to the top of the skin and then once it's reached the top it falls off! 

Please know that pigment lays at different levels in the skin, therefore we need to have multiple treatments to remove all unwanted pigment. 


Full face + Jawline - $250 

Full face, neck + decolletage - $400 
Neck + Decolletage - $300

Neck only - $150 
Decolletage only - $200 
Back of hands - $100


Pack of 3 Full Face - $600 
Other packages - POA  


Now that we have removed all of the unwanted pigment, you might then want to work on unwanted vessels in your face. 

These unwanted vessels are usually found around the nose, chin and sometimes in little clusters under the eyes. Luckily for you, we can treat these too! 

Vessels or capillaries are like little tree branches. You have the trunk of a tree and branches (capillaries) grow when they don't have enough oxygen in the skin (this is why we bang on about making sure your body is carrying good nutritious oxygenated blood). If there isn't enough oxygen the branches (capillaries) begin wandering (growing) and we end up seeing them on our face. 

So how is laser going to help me get rid of these capillaries?
Like we said above, the laser light and energy is attracted to pigment (colour), it is also attracted to haemoglobin (blood). Once the light and energy reaches the vessel it will cauterise it and seals the vessel, basically cutting off a branch and sealing it so the branch doesn't grow again! 


Full face - Vessels only - $175 


Pack of 3 Full Face - $400
Other packages - POA  



Demonstration of photo rejuv (pigment removal) with the Candela Gentle MAX Pro 

Demonstration of cauterised vessel with Candela Gentle MAX Pro 

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